Ways You Can Teach Nutrition To Your Child

25 August 2015
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Nutrition can be something that is even difficult for adults to follow. But educating children on how to eat healthy can lead to many unique challenges, such as the unwillingness of many children to eat healthy in the first place. You can increase the chances that your child will live a healthy life by teaching lessons at home that correspond with nutritional lessons that are taught in your child's elementary school. Read More 

Four Tips For Surviving The First Day Of Infant Daycare

6 July 2015
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Many working parents rely on daycare to watch their children while they go to work.  It can be very difficult to drop your child off for the first time.  It can be especially difficult for a mother to drop off her infant for the first day of daycare after maternity leave.  After you decide on a quality daycare to send your infant to, there are some tips to making the transition easier on mom and baby. Read More 

3 Tips For Helping A Child Who Is Afraid Of The Water Succeed In Swimming Lessons

2 June 2015
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Swim lessons are a great way to teach your child to love water, and to encourage water safety. Many children start swim lessons at a young age. If the child is unfamiliar with the water, or swimming, they might feel very anxious about getting in the water. If your child is nervous about the water, or is not performing for swim lessons, you should consider doing a couple things. 1. Don't Force Them Read More 

5 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Day Care Center For Your Infant

8 May 2015
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For many parents, finding quality childcare for their infant is a main priority. Babies are often only a few months old when they begin going to day care, so it is important to find an infant day care that you trust and feel comfortable with. Depending on where you live, there may be many day care options, but some day care centers are better than others. Ask the following questions when choosing a day care for your infant: Read More 

The Benefits Of A Child Centered Charter Eduction Can Help Your Child Excel

31 March 2015
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A child's education is often the very cornerstone of their potential for success. It's important that parents start focusing on the quality of their child's education very early. For many children, a quality education is one that highlights their specific approach to learning and their interest. Child centered charter schools aim to focus in on these areas, creating a focused education centered on student needs. Understanding the benefits of a child centered charter education can help you understand the advantages this style of learning can have on your child's development. Read More