The Benefits Of A Child Centered Charter Eduction Can Help Your Child Excel

31 March 2015
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A child's education is often the very cornerstone of their potential for success. It's important that parents start focusing on the quality of their child's education very early. For many children, a quality education is one that highlights their specific approach to learning and their interest. Child centered charter schools aim to focus in on these areas, creating a focused education centered on student needs. Understanding the benefits of a child centered charter education can help you understand the advantages this style of learning can have on your child's development.

Approach to Learning

Every child is different when it comes to the manner in which they approach new challenges or tasks. Visual, auditory and kinesthetic are just a few approaches. Traditionally, children are taught with the instructor standing in front of the classroom regurgitating everything from the textbook. In traditional schools there is often a high-level of restriction when it comes to teaching styles, forcing most educators to instruct in this manner.

Most states have a set mandate by which all schools who receive funding must adhere to. Charter schools are void of these limitations because they don't receive this funding. This affords them the independence to teach new topics in a variety of ways. For the child who doesn't learn in this traditional manner, this experience can be very rewarding. When your child attends a child centered charter school, their specific approach is first identified so their curriculum can be established around their needs.

Special Interest

One of the things that make charter schools so unique is that they can be focused on a particular area of study. Most traditional schools offer a basic liberal arts education. Liberal arts education typically gives an equal amount of focus to each subject taught, such as mathematics, science and art. Child centered charter schools operate differently because they have a special interest or theme by which the majority of the school's curriculum is centered.

Performing arts, sports education, science and mathematics are just a few of the interest areas these schools can be modeled after. Children still get educated in the fundamental areas, but they also spend a great deal of time completing study in their interest area. A child who can study in an area that is in line with their interest will likely be more engaged and eager to learn.

As a parent, you are responsible for your child's education. Make certain you are providing your child with educational opportunities that will meet their needs and set them up for the greatest chance of success.

Reach out to a local charter school, like Freedom Academy, for more details on their curriculum and teaching plans.