Four Tips For Surviving The First Day Of Infant Daycare

6 July 2015
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Many working parents rely on daycare to watch their children while they go to work.  It can be very difficult to drop your child off for the first time.  It can be especially difficult for a mother to drop off her infant for the first day of daycare after maternity leave.  After you decide on a quality daycare to send your infant to, there are some tips to making the transition easier on mom and baby.

  1. Spend some time in the room prior to the first day.  When choosing a daycare to use, you likely did some research.  You probably toured the daycare, asked a ton of questions, looked at reviews online and talked to your friends and family.  Even after you have come to your final decision, it still may be beneficial for you to spend some time in the home or room where your baby will spending his or her days away from you.  This will give you a feel for how the room operates and you can see what your baby will be doing.  Pay attention to little things that you didn't notice during your tour.
  2. Make sure you have provided all the supplies your baby will need.  If you want your baby to be comfortable, make sure that you have provided the center with everything to help aid in the comfort of your baby.  The provider will tell you what they need to be successful (milk, diapers, wipes) but you know your baby best.  Does your infant have a favorite lovey or blanket?  Do you have extra clothes provided in case of a blow out?  If you breastfeed, it's a great idea to give them some extra milk to keep in the freezer in case your little one has a particularly hungry day. 
  3. Don't linger!  It's tempting to want to stay and have a long goodbye with your little one, especially if they are upset.  This is hard on everyone involved.  Drop off time is typically pretty busy in a daycare, and a long goodbye can be distracting to other parents, caregivers, and even other children.  It's hard on your baby, and especially hard on you.  Your baby may cry, and that is okay!  They will likely recover quickly and every day will get a little easier. 
  4. Call and check on your little one.  Your first few days and weeks away from your little one will be hard.  You will spend your day thinking and worrying about your baby.  Call your daycare provider to get updates.  They will be happy to let you know about your child's day.  Odds are, they are having a great time and getting lots of love!

As time goes by, everyone will get used to the new set up.  Drop offs will get easier and your baby will thrive in their new environment.

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