5 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Day Care Center For Your Infant

8 May 2015
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For many parents, finding quality childcare for their infant is a main priority. Babies are often only a few months old when they begin going to day care, so it is important to find an infant day care that you trust and feel comfortable with. Depending on where you live, there may be many day care options, but some day care centers are better than others. Ask the following questions when choosing a day care for your infant:

Is the Day Care Center Licensed?

Day care centers may not be required to be licensed in every state, but many parents prefer a licensed day care center because they must abide by certain regulations. When you choose a licensed day care center, you can rest assured that the center undergoes inspections by the state and meets or exceeds certain standards.

What Is the Ratio of Adults to Infants?

Young infants require a lot of attention throughout the day, so a day care center with a low ratio of babies for each adult care giver is ideal. Each day care center has their own way of doing things, but look for one that separates the infants from other ages. A dedicated infant room makes it easier for caregivers to give personalized attention to each baby.

What Qualifications Do the Caregivers Have?

There are many day care centers that employ caregivers who have degrees and advanced training in child development. A qualified caregiver will also be certified in infant C.P.R. and first aid. In addition to qualifications on paper, take your time when meeting the caregivers in the infant room of each day care that you visit. You can really get a feel for a person's personality by observing how they interact with the infants in their care.

Have There Been Any Infractions or Violations?

Licensed day care centers are monitored by the state, and any violations or infractions will be documented. You should be able to find out if a day care center that you are interested in has any violations by contacting the agency that oversees day care centers in your state. 

What Is the Turnover Rate?

Young babies need security, and they often bond with the people caring for them the most. When you are not able to be with your baby due to work commitments, it is best for him or her to have the same caregivers on a day to day basis. If a day care center that you are interested in has a low turnover rate, you can probably count on your baby having just a few consistent caregivers.