This Summer, Help Your Child Get Ready For Preschool

26 May 2016
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With summer comes the end of the school season. Next fall, though, many children will once again walk into classrooms. Among them will be lots of three-year-olds who are just starting preschool. If you have a three-year-old who will start preschool for the first time in autumn, here are two ways you can help them get ready this summer. 

Start Cloth Diapering to Speed Up Potty Training

Many preschools require all enrolled children to be potty trained when they begin school, which can put a lot of pressure on both parents and children. If you're struggling to potty train your three-year-old and are using disposable diapers, try switching to cloth ones. It may speed up the process

Kids who wear cloth diapers become potty trained faster than those who wear disposable ones, because cloth diapers are less absorbent and kids can more easily feel when the diaper is wet.

Begin Drinking from a Medicine Cup Instead of a Sippy Cup

It's also common at preschool to not use sippy cups. Instead, teachers often give children small paper cups of water or juice during snack time. For children who haven't ever used a normal cup before, learning to drink from a paper cup that has no lid can take some time.

You can help your child learn how to use non-covered cups by switching out their sippy cup with a medicine cup. A plastic medicine cup is small enough for their little hands to hold. Additionally, it only holds a few ounces, so there won't be a lot to clean up when they spill it.

Since it's made of plastic, a medicine cup can easily be rinsed out or washed, and used again. A paper cup can't be reused as much, and it may crumble under the pressure of your child's grip or bite.

Shot glasses are also the perfect size for a three-year-old, but they aren't a good choice because they're made of glass. They might bite down on the glass and hurt their teeth, and the glass could shatter if they drop it.

Work with Your Child All Summer

Wearing cloth diapers and drinking from a medicine cup won't instantly prepare your child for preschool. They will, however, help your three-year-old get ready. If you consistently work on potty training and using a cup all summer, your little one should be ready for their first day of preschool once autumn comes. Contact a local school, such as North End Montessori School, for further assistance.