4 Ways To Help Your Child Adjust To Private School

17 May 2016
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Transitioning from a public school to a private one can be challenging for your child. Your child not only has to make all new friends, but he or she has to adapt to the curriculum of the private school. If your child will be attending private school in the next school year, here are some tips to help him or her adjust to the change. 

Encourage Involvement in Extracurricular Activities

A move from public school to private means sometimes leaving friends behind. Some children struggle with making new friends after moving to a new school. The transition is more challenging when your child feels isolated and alone. 

You can help your child make new friends by encouraging him or her to get involved in extracurricular activities. Not only will your child get a chance to meet new friends, but he or she can become more involved in the school. 

Attend Orientation

Orientation is a good way for your child to become familiar with the layout of the school. Your child can learn where his or her classes are and where other important rooms are, such as the cafeteria. Taking a tour of the school can eliminate some of the anxiety of being in an unfamiliar environment. 

Orientation also gives your child a chance to meet all or some of his or her teachers. You have the opportunity to explain anything special about your child that the teacher needs to know, such as he or she is shy. 

Hire a Tutor

Unfortunately, some public schools do not have the same educational standards as private schools. If that is the case with the school your child formerly attended, consider hiring a tutor before the school year starts. 

The tutor can help review the material that your child studied in the previous year and help prepare your child for the upcoming year. As the year progresses, the tutor can help your child stay academically prepared for whatever challenges the new school presents. 

Talk With Your Child

One of the most important ways you can help your child adjust to the new school is by talking to him or her about school. Each day, ask your child about his or her day. Encourage your child to share any problems that he or she has experienced with you. 

Listen to your child and work to find a solution to issues that he or she might have. By addressing those issues early on, you can make it easier for your child to want to return to school each day.