How To Properly Investigate Potential Child Care Services

23 February 2015
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When it comes to placing your child in the care of someone else, you want to be extremely careful. Sure, you might have walked into the child care center and saw happy children running around. You do no want to assume that this is all you need to see to know that a child care center is worthy of your trust. Take a moment to review the following things to look for when you are trying to find the best possible help with the care of your child.

State Licensing

It is not enough to simply assume that someone would not be running a child care center unless they had the proper licensing from the state. You need to actually see the license. It should be valid, meaning it is certified and it has a current date on it. Many child care services are proud to display their licenses from the state and have it in a frame and on the wall - usually towards the entrance of their facility.

Child Abuse Clearances

Noticing that the child care services center that you are considering using has what appears to be a valid license from the state is certainly a good start. But what happens if the owner or even the workers have gotten in trouble for child abuse after that licensed was issued? Maybe they have had their license revoked. It is a good idea to make sure that you are asking to see a copy of the owners' and employees' child abuse clearance papers.

Criminal Background Checks

Even if the workers are not child abusers, they might still be criminals. Would you want a criminal of any sort caring for your child while you are away at work? If not, then it is vital that you are asking for copies of everyone's criminal background checks. This will tell you whether any of the workers are currently in trouble or have been in trouble in the past with the law.

Child care centers, like Cottonwood Montessori, strive to create a safe environment for you children. However, you still want to do your homework. While there is only so much you can do to get to know the people who could be potentially caring for your child, it is vital that you are doing all that you can. Most child care centers will understand your concerns and won't have a problem giving you access to all of the previously mentioned records. If they do have a problem showing this documentation, it is time to look for another child care service.